Which winter tyre to choose for a motorcycle?

During winter periods, when temperatures fall below 7 degrees, the use of winter tires can maintain the performance of your motorcycle with regard to passenger and rider safety. Although they are not mandatory in some countries, buying motorcycle tires that are adapted to the season reduces the risk of falling and offers better performance on your two-wheeler. This article shows you some tips to help you better choose winter tyres for your motorcycle.

Choosing your winter tires with your needs in mind

In winter, temperatures often drop below freezing in some areas. It is therefore essential to choose the right type of winter tires for you. There are two types: Nordic or multi-purpose. Multi-purpose tires are often used in regions that do not face harsh winters. However, even if they can withstand temperatures below 7 degrees, they are not very suitable for very extreme winter conditions. In this case, Nordic winter tires prove to be more effective, as it has a more serious grip than other multi-purpose or conventional winter tires. This makes them the perfect solution for driving on roads covered with snow or thick ice. Don't forget to put snow chains on your bike either.

Choosing winter tires with labels in mind

Tires have European labels that provide specific information about their capacity. These include the level of wet capability and noise pollution or the amount of fuel they will consume, to help consumers make a better choice. So remember to compare the capabilities of each tire using these labels before choosing winter tires for your motorcycle. Whether it's for riding in freezing rain, icy conditions, wet pavement, mud or snow.

Pay attention to the markings

Winter tires are easy to identify with the markings. If you're about to choose winter tires, the first thing to do is to make sure that the "M+S" (mud and snow) markings are present. This ensures that your tires are suitable for cold weather and that you can drive safely on muddy and snowy roads. This type of tyre easily removes mud and snow. However, this statement is not sufficient for regions where winters are rather difficult, especially in the mountains, as these tyres are generally suitable for all seasons. In this case, it is better to opt for winter tires with the "3PMSF" label with a mountain and a snowflake, which are more suitable. These tires will promise you better levels of grip and safety on difficult roads. You can also compare winter tires online and find cheap motorcycle tires.
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