How to choose and maintain your motorcycle jacket?

The motorcycle jacket is an indispensable piece of equipment that every motorcyclist must have. In order for it to play its role effectively, this clothing must be well chosen and well maintained. When choosing a motorcycle rider's outfit, it is important to consider certain criteria. This is also the case when it comes to its maintenance, for which the mastery of certain techniques is necessary depending on the chosen material.

How to choose the right motorcycle jacket?

There are essentially two types of motorcycle jacket. There is the leather one and the textile one, each one having its particularities. The leather jacket The jacket made of leather is particularly popular with bikers because it is more abrasion-resistant and provides effective protection in the event of a fall. It is used both for individual use and for competition. Comfortable, it is rarely damaged after a minor slip, and has a longer service life. The textile jacket Textile motorcycle equipment is no less popular, since it's really a question of style. Less expensive, less heavy, this motorcycle jacket offers good protection against cold, rain and wind. Increasingly, recent models are more resistant to abrasion. But in the event of a fall, the textile jacket exposes the driver more than the leather one.

Selection criteria

Whether textile or leather, when choosing a motorcycle jacket, it is advisable to take into account criteria such as the ability to withstand air. This is an important parameter as the motorcycle jacket is supposed to protect the motorcyclist from bad weather and cold. It is advisable to opt for a model with tight cuffs, a high collar and a padded lining. In addition, the suit must be waterproof to prevent moisture from getting through, and it should be approved, ideally in accordance with the European standard EN 13595. It must be reinforced at the elbows and shoulders. Likewise, this motorcycle equipment must be properly ventilated, comfortable and adapted to the size of the user. Aesthetics also count here.

How do you care for your jacket?

A well-maintained motorcycle jacket lasts longer. Therefore, if it is made of leather, you should avoid using abrasive objects such as sponges to clean it. In this case, a soft cloth soaked in a little water is recommended. When the equipment is dry, a leather care cream can be applied to its surface to restore its shine. This should also be done with the cloth, in a rotating motion, for a complete application. When the equipment is made of textile, it can be washed by hand or machine. In the first case, the motorcycle jacket is exposed to little risk, provided it is done delicately. The second option, on the other hand, is a little more aggressive. Although it cannot be excluded, it should be considered with moderation, should be more delicate, with a very slow spin. Similarly, machine washing should not be done with a softener, because it damages the waterproofing of the waterproof membranes.
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