Which modular helmet to choose?

The helmet is one of the most important accessories for 2-wheelers, especially since it is mandatory according to the Highway Code. There are many models on the market, namely the jet helmet for basic protection, the full face helmet which is safer but too heavy and the modular helmet, a perfect balance between the two. Discover the different criteria that you need to take into account when choosing your adjustable helmet.

Features of an adjustable helmet

Compared to other helmets available on the market, the modular helmet has a unique design. The modular helmet has been created to give you maximum comfort and safety. First of all, this device is very practical thanks to the opening on the front which gives a better field of vision even in foggy weather. And if you wear glasses at all times, you can put the helmet on without taking them off. In addition, the chin strap can be folded 180° to make a jet helmet. Usually, the helmet has a push button to unlock and lock the chin strap, so you can put it on in the front or move it to the back. This also makes the adjustable motorcycle helmet very easy to put on. In hot weather, the adjustable helmet ensures maximum ventilation and good air circulation even when the visor is closed. Halfway between a jet helmet and a full-face helmet, it is suitable for low-speed city riding as well as for long road trips at high speeds.

Choosing a helmet that guarantees safety

No one is safe on the road: speeding, loss of balance, blurred vision, slippery road... To protect the head in the event of an accident or a fall, the adjustable helmet offers absolute safety. In addition, the field of vision remains better even in integral mode. The adjustable helmet comes with an anti-fog or pinlock film to prevent the visor from fogging up. Some models have an integrated sunscreen if you are touring. The adjustable helmet also has a dedicated space for an intercom to ensure your safety on the road. The helmet is closed with a double buckle for better safety. Previously, the modular helmets have only been approved P as the full version. Now, many models have a double J and P approval. The J approval for the jet helmet allows the modular helmet to be used in the city in open mode. The P type approval for the full-face helmet guarantees facial protection for the motorcyclist on the road with the chin strap and visor closed.

Choosing a comfortable and aesthetic helmet

During short stops, you can keep the adjustable helmet on your head, but you just have to open the visor and tilt the chin strap. With this adjustable helmet, you'll have guaranteed comfort. The interior padding is comfortably placed, also removable for easy washing. With all these options, the modular helmet is slightly heavier than a full-face helmet, but still easier to put on. Finally, it's a very versatile helmet. The adjustable motorcycle helmet perfectly combines the simplicity of the Jet helmet with the complexity of the full-face helmet. The mechanism for the chin strap and visor can be operated with one hand even if you wear a glove. This allows you to take them off or put them on with just one turn of the hand when needed. Your modular helmet can be transformed into a small, lightweight, space-saving jet helmet when you are riding at low speeds and need good vision in the city. Also, you can turn it into a full-face helmet when you're cruising at highway speeds.
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