Used accessories and equipment for motorcyclists

The second-hand market has been gaining ground for several years, even in the field of motorcycle equipment and parts. But what are the essentials? And where to find them at a good price?

Motorcyclists: What do you need?

Even if some equipment is just a fashion accessory that cannot be ignored, others are indispensable to guarantee motorcyclists unequalled comfort and optimum safety. Unlike cars, there is no bodywork to protect them in the event of an accident or fall. Therefore, at least they must be equipped with the following accessories: helmet: the wearing of a helmet is a legal obligation. But apart from that, it also serves to protect the motorcyclist's head from shocks, to cushion falls and to minimize the effects. On the market, there are models for all needs and for all ages. There are 3 types of helmets: the integral helmet (this is the reference helmet), the jet helmet and the modular helmet. Gloves: to protect their hands, motorcyclists must also be equipped with a pair of non-slip gloves. For better comfort, opt for products with palm and finger reinforcements. Cervical protection: necessary for long journeys for maximum head protection. the neck: in cooler weather and during walks in the countryside, it is better to wear a necklace. the airbag vest: it is designed to protect the vital parts of motorcyclists. biker shoes: to preserve legs and feet, wear quality shoes. anti-theft device: if you have to leave your motorcycle unattended, don't forget to bring an anti-theft device. emergency equipment: no one is safe from small glitches. Therefore, never part with certain accessories such as wheel keys, sets of keys, wheel pump, brake oil, spray to prevent chain corrosion, mechanical oil...

Why buy second-hand accessories and equipment?

The second-hand market is becoming more and more attractive to motorcyclists. But why? The first reason that pushes them to turn to second-hand products is certainly the very attractive price. Yes, there is a very important difference between used motorcycle parts and new items. Second-hand items can indeed save up to 50% for a product that is almost new or in very good condition. Moreover, motorcycle accessories for sale second-hand are not necessarily worn out. No, far from it. Most of the time they are top brand name and quality products. What's more, you'll have access to a vast choice, both online and in second-hand stores. So you can find everything you need. In addition, the government is currently encouraging the public to reduce waste in order to preserve the environment. Buying second-hand is therefore a responsible act because it minimizes the need for new products (which require the use of new resources: energy resources, raw materials, toxic products, etc.). Likewise, it is a gesture that contributes to reducing the amount of waste thrown into nature.

Second-hand purchases: what are the risks?

Even if second-hand products are profitable for the buyer, the risks involved are no less: scamming and concealment. Online you can find two types of sellers:
  • professional sellers: they are the most reliable because they won't do anything that could damage their reputation on the web.
  • and private sellers: the latter can sell stolen, used, etc. products. They should therefore be watched more closely
To avoid being scammed, compare prices before you buy. If the price is too attractive, there may be something fishy going on. If you are seduced by a particular accessory, ask for example the cause of the sale and ask for an appointment to check the condition of the product. And if you're planning to buy on a second-hand sales site, check the conditions of protection for the buyer. If it's not very clear, then it's best to do without it. Finally, before paying for a product, you should meet with the seller, if it's a private transaction. The rule? Never advance money for a reservation until you have seen the item.

Where to buy second-hand products?

You can find everything you need on a free classifieds site. Some platforms have become references in second-hand sales. You can also find what you are looking for via a mobile application. Items are often sold at bargain prices. This way, you'll have the opportunity to find very good quality and cheap stuff. Look out! It should be noted that there are specialist sites and generalist sites. So don't rush. You can browse through several platforms to find original and quality stuff at great prices. Also, on some sites, you can recover or exchange certain items for free. What's more, you can also find interesting and cheap equipment on social networks, mainly on Facebook thanks to Facebook Marketplace.
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