Which GPS tracker to choose ?

Historically, the GPS "Global Positioning System" is a system invented by the Americans (United States of America). A satellite positioning system, which was used during the Cold War and is available to individuals. Unfortunately, it was a slight degradation of the position, civilians only had an accuracy of one hundred meters; its maximum accuracy was not operational until 2000 (by President Bill Clinton). Thus the GPS tracker had been commercialized on the market. What is a GPS really used for? And how does it work? How to choose them?

The definition of a GPS tracker

By definition: A GPS beacon or GPS plotter is an electronic tool in the form of a box that can be used to trace the path of a person or object. GPS trackers all have the same function: to trace the path of an animal, a person, a vehicle or an object, showing their exact geographical position. But not all GPS tracker models offer the same options, and they come in many types, sizes and formats. Geolocators: the GEO 302, 102-2 and TK 102 give information by SMS to their owner even without a subscription. Unlike other models of GPS trackers that require a subscription. For more information, you can consult this site: georide.fr

Functions of a GPS tracker

The GPS receiver is a box fixed in the object to be geolocated, which gives GPS coordinates. The information is sent back to a Saas program via a SIM card at exact time intervals (a few tens of seconds). This information is processed by a software program via maps, reports and graphs so that it can be viewed instantaneously. The plotters work with the SIM card of the operator of your choice, which means that no SIM card will be supplied with the GPS. When the object or individual on which the beacon is placed moves or begins to move, the plotter starts working which means that the data is then sent by satellite, this data is received by the receiver which will then post it to the memory of the beacon. The latter will give, via the GPS network, information about the position and movements of the object or person you want to geolocate. It is thanks to satellite data and GSM signals that a GPS beacon can work. In the housing of a GPS tracker, there is a signal receiver to capture the satellite data sent. There is data transmission (via internet). This transmitted data is sent to an internet server through an IPS address and the user logs in to his account, he has access to all the positions of his tracker in real time. The information feedback depends on the type of tag used and its own functionalities. Some beacons equipped with motion detectors are able to report information related to motion detection such as information about the position and speed of the individual or object to be located. There are extreme trackers, which report the following information: speed, number of stops, movement history, number of stops, stopping time, positions, movements made by the person or object being tracked.

The use of a "GPS" tracker

For your company: it's not easy to choose the maximum routes without any idea of where your vehicle is located. The daily management of a fleet of vehicles is a complex exercise, but it will be time lost due to other causes such as increased fuel consumption, excess mileage, as well as accelerated use. The geolocation solution is the best solution for you. There are also car trackers capable of real-time location, able to determine the distance travelled, the number of stops made. You can both monitor and secure vehicles and objects. The GPS tracker allows you to follow their position in real time and with precision. The use of GPS trackers is very varied. They are operational according to the needs in which they are subjected. There are GPS trackers for the elderly or people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. A GPS tracker can also be used to find a foreign boyfriend or girlfriend. A GPS tracker is also used for people who are being tracked or warned by law. GPS geolocation therefore becomes a valuable tool, as it is a useful and long-term solution to make your life easier.
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