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Do you have a quad bike? You're going to need insurance for it. Of course, if you have a registered quad, i.e. one with a registration number and authorized to ride on common roads, taking out an insurance policy seems more than obvious. As for a quad that is not homologated and allocated for private or simple leisure use, the regulation is no exception. And yes, even outside of regular use, a quad is still considered to be a motorized vehicle. This implies the obligation to insure it with mutual insurance companies. And if before, it was up to customers to make an appointment and meet an agent; now it is possible to take out insurance online or even at home. Are you interested? Here is everything you need to know before insuring your quad online!

Why choose to insure your quad online?

For some time now, everything has started to be digitized in terms of administrative procedures; and it is now the turn of the quad insurance to be digitized. Of course, direct services still exist, but online services seem to be more and more popular with customers. Do you want to know why you should go through this system? Well, quite simply because it offers countless advantages, not to mention considerable time savings. Whether in terms of travelling or looking for an interesting offer, using the remote service allows a client to avoid wasting time; which could be enormous with the traffic and visits from branch to branch. But still, the quality of service is more and more improved lately. Subscribing is, for example, easy and is done in just a few clicks. Without forgetting that each insured person has the possibility to reach an advisor permanently for a need of orientation or possible reimbursements relating to the quad insurance.

How to insure your quad online ?

Unquestionably, it is essential to have access to an internet connection in order to benefit from the online insurance services. And it is only afterwards that the research and the analysis of the providers begin. In this respect, it must be acknowledged that Insurance companies are, at present, very numerous to propose their services. On the one hand, this is profitable for the future policyholder, because a multitude of choices are available to him; but it also means that the risk of running into a bad faith player increases. Therefore, to avoid falling victim to scams and other malicious gestures, it is advisable to choose a reliable, recognized and approved site. How do I know? Just focus on the opinions left by other policyholders who have passed through the platform. In the same way, it is very important not to rush on the first formula that is suggested to you in quad insurance. Know that it is possible to use an online insurance comparator. You will only have to fill in some information to get an overview of all the offers that suit your needs and your budget. Once you've decided on a policy, all you have to do is take out and pay for it using the payment method indicated to formalise the subscription. Easy isn't it?

What are the guarantees of an online quad insurance?

As with other motor vehicles, quad insurance can also contain a very long list of guarantees. The recovery depends on the formula to which, the insured subscribes. Obviously, the guarantee of civil liability is the minimum of the guarantees of all the contracts. It includes the compensation of a third party victim of physical and material damages in case of an accident involving the quad. Otherwise, it is also feasible to subscribe to an all-risk insurance formula for a quad. The latter insures the customer in case of theft or attempted theft, natural or technological disasters that could damage the vehicle, fire and even acts of terrorism for some. And apart from all this, some insurances sometimes offer what is meant by the driver's personal guarantee, for the reimbursement of medical and other expenses.

How much does it cost to take out online quad insurance?

To tell the truth, there is no generalized cost for online quad insurance. Indeed, many factors come into play in the definition of the prices including the model and type of the quad to be insured, its use and the characteristics of its driver. Also, the type of insurance formula chosen by the insured also conditions the cost of this insurance. You want to benefit from a simple civil liability cover or to take advantage of the maximum of guarantees? The amount to be paid will change according to your requests and the details you provide.
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