How to prepare to get the most out of a motorcycle riding course?

Many schools offer motorcycle riding courses for two-wheelers who wish to improve their skills. Ideal to better envisage driving on the road or on a circuit, a motorcycle driving course requires a proper preparation if you want to fully appreciate it. How to prepare to get the most out of a motorcycle riding course? Let's answer this question today.

Choose a serious riding school

The choice of the school is an important step in the preparation of a motorcycle riding course. Indeed, only courses run by professionals are effective. Compare the different schools you will find, check their reputation, dissect their offers and take an interest in the instructors. Preferably choose a school run by motorcycle experts, knowing that the best teams are usually made up of motorcycle Grand Prix competitors with a pro track record. After their retirement from tracks and GPs, they continue to live their passion by sharing it on riding courses. Many of them also continue racing while being instructors on courses.

Arriving well equipped on the course

The ideal is to do the course with your own bike and it must be in excellent condition. Most schools accept motorcycles with racing modifications, but ask the instructor to be sure. On the other hand, there are often certain conditions in relation to the motorcycle:
  • Original exhaust system
  • Folded or hidden mirrors
  • Covered headlights
Ask for all these details before registering to be well prepared. And of course, in addition to the motorcycle itself, the necessary equipment includes the necessary protective and safety gear: full leather suit, leather gloves, motorcycle boots, full helmet, back protection, etc.

Be in top shape

The physical preparation is also part of the indispensable preparations for a two-wheeler training course. So arrive on the course in your best shape because the various exercises of the day will require full concentration and vigilance. Do not register for a motorcycle riding course if you have a party the night before, for example. Of course, the physical preparation for a training course is not comparable to a competition, but be at least in good shape on the day. You will then benefit from a motorcycle riding course instead of having to undergo it. In addition to the pleasure of riding a motorcycle, you will be safer with all your senses alert. Here are some important points of physical preparation:
  • Nutrition: hydration, healthy and light meals, carbohydrates (rice, quinoa, pasta, etc.), white meat or fish...
  • The physical: increase muscle mass and reduce fat mass, optimize flexibility by following tips or others that you can easily find on the internet.
  • Supplies
Good preparation is a prerequisite to fully enjoy a motorcycle riding course. You will come out of it with more knowledge and a better ease to drive in competition or in road conditions. You will then be a better driver, which is essential for your own safety, for the safety of other competitors and for other users of the whole.
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