Racing motorcycles

When is a machine called a "sport motorcycle" or "racing motorcycle" and in what type of sports activity is it used?

Motorcycle sports: racing, freestyle, timed speed...

Motorcycle sports is a vast field that encompasses all the sporting aspects of motorcycling. Not all disciplines are races or timed speed events as several disciplines test various driving skills of the participants.

Motorcycle racing can be divided into two categories, those that take place on paved roads and those that take place off-road. Track racing is a motorcycle sport where teams or individuals race around an oval track.

Les courses sur route sont des courses de motos qui se déroulent sur des surfaces dures, semblables à des routes, souvent pavées. Les courses peuvent se dérouler soit sur des hippodromes spécialement aménagés, soit sur des voies publiques fermées dédiées à Moto Ventures .

A rally is an event that takes place on public roads during which competitors must pass through a number of checkpoints (checkpoints) in various geographical areas, while obeying road traffic laws (not to be confused with car rallies such as WRC), discover more details about rallies on Road Motor Company.

Motorcycle sports racing freestyle
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Sport motorcycles

Sport vs cruiser

A difference in general feeling regarding braking, steering, centre of gravity and controls. A sportbike is a very different beast from a cruiser.

On board a sportbike

When you're on a sporty motorcycle, you feel compact and well oriented forward, a large part of your weight is actually distributed in that direction.

Racing motorcycle control

You turn quickly with a slight weight shift, stop quickly with a light application of the brakes and accelerate with a light touch of the accelerator.
Racing motorcycles

Racing motorcycles: a whole art of behaving and driving

In short, you should only buy a racing motorcycle if you have moderate upper body tone and above all sufficient self-control. As Art Motorcycles has mentioned, it’s very easy to want to jump on a racing motorcycle and go at full speed.


A Freestyle contest based on your acrobatic ability on the MX.

Optimized motorcycle

A motorcycle optimized for speed, acceleration and braking.

Driving pleasure

A pure pleasure for short trips and especially for winding roads.

Less economical

Pleasure at the expense of comfort and fuel economy.

Enduro riding with friends: a hobby and an opportunity for a breath of fresh air